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A great idea for business growth – or is it?

Some of the most dynamic business leaders I have had the privilege to work with often share one common desire – they want growth, and they want it fast. A new location, a new service offering, or partnership opportunity can all have seductive revenue appeal but a real gut check may be the best thing to do - before a commitment is made. more >>

Are You Really Customer Driven?

Many businesses are tempted to wave the customer service banner everywhere and anywhere in their marketing, including each and every advertising message. The reality is that a very small percentage of companies truly deserve Olympic gold in the customer-driven performance category. I believe that one glaring difference between the Olympic champions and the others is that the champions consistently build into their management practices activities that clearly enhance their ability to both understand and prove how important customers really are. I want to share an adaptation of a presentation of mine delivered at a management retreat where I was helping one company create concrete ways to go for the gold. more >>

What Management Styles Mean to the Bottom Line

A manager’s relationship style, how they relate to the team, can have a profound impact on the performance of the company – including sales growth, employee retention, and productivity. Unfortunately, the reality is that one more leadership book or seminar often does not motivate much permanent change in a manager’s style. They have been wired so long a certain way that permanent style changes are rarely achievable. more >>

Wake Up Call – Embrace New Market Realities or Get Left Behind

The other day, I met with the president of a group of retail stores, forty years young, who shared his frustration with the fact that the advertising and promotions “that have always worked for us” were decreasing in effectiveness every season. I encouraged him to consider that the market he competes in has dramatically changed and that his marketing efforts, although stellar in the past, are falling on deaf ears. more >>

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