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Case Studies

Non-profit (start-up)

Situation before consulting engagement:
  • No strategy and a need for development funding
  • Organizational structure evolving
  • Goals to get national recognition
After working with Pete:
  • Local and regional funding strengthens organization
  • Marketing communication strategy gains media attention
  • Client lands CBS talk show appearance
  • Organization expands services nationally


Situation before consulting engagement:
  • Customer base very limited
  • Sales patterns flat
  • Sales organization underdeveloped
After working with Pete:
  • New sales personnel and sales systems
  • Tradeshow strategy developed
  • 50% revenue growth after first year of implementation
  • Cash flow increases; new cash reserves fund new capital equipment to further growth


Situation before consulting engagement:
  • New competitive pressures
  • Enrollment growth strains existing facilities
  • Outdated strategic direction
After working with Pete:
  • Differentiated competitive strategy
  • Facilities and quality plans formulated
  • New strategic direction formulated in 3 days

  • Non-profit start-up attracts critical donors and gains national media attention, including a CBS talk show appearance.

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