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Do you have a clear plan for Growth?

Too often, the temptation is very great for leaders to look for the silver bullet when it comes to growth. They may look to spend more on marketing or consider expansion into new ventures. In their immediate quest to find new revenue, funding, or profits, they are often disappointed in the results their efforts were intended to create. Growth is not a simple pursuit.

Are you looking for Growth in all the right places?

Often, the temptation to look outside the core business for growth causes an organization to miss “hidden” opportunities that lie within their midst.

By providing an objective review of your total business development efforts, Peter ensures clients capitalize on clear opportunities for marked improvement.

Consulting Services:

  • Growth Planning
  • Sales / Business Development
  • Non-profit Development
  • Community Relationships
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  • Liberal arts college deals with enrollment issues and new competition through a comprehensive planning process that gets immediate board approval.

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