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Need to get more of the “important things done?”

Getting key management goals accomplished can be very hard work for most organizations.

Many managers get so inwardly focused on the daily “business of the business” that it prevents them from looking at critical objectives for their organizations – launching a new service, creating that new training program, or implementing a sales incentive program.

Nothing has a stronger impact on your ability to get the right things done as the people you select and how you develop them.

Peter helps organizations build performance-focused management teams that consistently get more of the important things done.

He will motivate your team to take a step back from the present organizational state, review key roles, improve performance expectations, and create lasting improvements in your ability to execute.

Do you have a system to review strategic goals on a recurring basis? Not just periodically?

Peter will assist your team with practical disciplines to ensure that you are operating strategically throughout the year. You will make critical decisions faster, become much more proactive and, as a result, achieve higher levels of performance.

Management Services:

  • Strategic guidance on the organizational structure and management process
  • Developing people and performance expectations
  • Key measurements and operating analysis
  • Establishing profit improvement and turn-around plans
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  • $100 million transportation company facing pricing pressures reconnects with customers to prevent hundreds of thousands in lost profits.

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