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Marketing Strategy

Peter Ciaravino is a great fan of Peter Drucker’s philosophy (the famous management educator) that “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well…the product or service fits… and sells itself.”

Do you have a strategy built from the customer’s viewpoint?

Today, every leader needs a focused marketing strategy to get results since the world of marketing has literally turned upside down with almost daily new advancements on the web or on the street that impact how your customers or stakeholders respond to (or don’t respond to) your marketing.

Peter helps clients to develop customer-driven marketing strategies that leverage their greatest strengths and create the best opportunities for success in the marketplace.

He will assist your team with both a creative and logical approach to enhancing your marketing.

Marketing that works – starts with strategy, involves the customer, and communicates with absolute clarity.

Working with Peter, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Create simple and powerful brand strategies
  • Develop ways to leverage customer loyalty
  • Discover new market opportunities
  • Create compelling communication strategies
  • Select the right marketing agency
Are you getting noticed? Time to talk strategy with Pete.

Contact Peter now to discuss your marketing strategy needs.

  • Manufacturer faced with shrinking profit margins implements a turnaround with a 60% bottom line profit improvement.

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