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Strategic Planning

Peter creates a custom strategic approach based on the clientís industry, their size, complexity, and previous planning experience.

To assure your team of a focused approach, he will initially have a telephone conference or meet with the management leaders to carefully consider their need for a strategic plan. He can help establish who should be involved in the planning.

The planning will be a series of strategic sessions that follows a systematic approach to reviewing the key strategic considerations for your organization, such as:
  • Organizational competencies and challenges
  • A differentiated market strategy and competitive position
  • Competitive analysis
  • Performance measurements
  • Management implementation
For a more detailed understanding of Peterís planning services for specific industry groups, consider the following links: business, education, and non-profit.

Ultimately, Peter will ensure the delivery of a strategic plan with a limited number of key objectives, defined responsibilities for implementation with specific dates of completion, appropriate considerations for resources, and a method to enhance the overall implementation success.

Strategic services can be facilitated by Peter at any location the client prefers and, with due notice, he will be ready to meet your team for critical situations, opportunities, or challenges that require strategic guidance.

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  • Manufacturer with a vulnerable customer base utilizes a strategy for a 50% growth in revenue.

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