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Strategic Planning

The following provides details of Peterís consulting engagements with businesses. See the following link for a more general description of his strategic planning consulting services.


Peterís strength in developing business strategy comes from his ability to keep your team focused on the most important strategic objectives that, with proper implementation, will deliver substantial client results.

Through his expert facilitation, the planning team will effectively consider a comprehensive list of key strategic considerations, including:
  • Organizational competencies
  • Organizational challenges
  • Strategic issues
  • Strategic relationships
  • Competitive position and analysis
  • Strategic personnel practices
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market segments
  • Pricing strategies
  • Supplier strategy
  • Strategic use of technology
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Resources
  • Financial
  • Strategic issues and assumptions
  • Key measurements
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  • Credit Union dominates a market through focused brand strategy and a relationship-based marketing approach.

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